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Textile glass fabrics
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Textile glass fabrics

Textile glass fabrics are used as bearing layers for the production / fabrication of- sealing membranes for construction waterproofing as per DIN 18190 part 3
- bitumen felt roofing as per DIN 52130
- bitumen torch-on felt as per DIN 52131

Preferably they would consist of glass filament yarn in warp direction and of glass staple fibre roving in fill direction. They are furnished with a water-repellent dressing. The primary classification attribute of these fabrics is the area compound, which is expressed in g/ sqm.

We are manufacturing fabrics according to DIN 18191 and ÖNORM B 3632, as well as fabrics without standardized area compounds for special products.

Data sheets textile woven glass fabrics - Information for specialists

We are manufacturing an extensive palette of textile glass fabrics. In our data sheets you will find detailed information concerning different product variations (GSMG-a 100 ... GSMG-a 200) and their properties as well as technical parameters.